Electronic Bomb Defusal Game

Electronic based

Mind Blowing Box is an award-winning cooperative electronic game simulating* bomb defusal, for two or more people. One player, the operator, is tasked with defusing the bomb. The other player (or players), known as the instructor, can’t see the bomb, but has the manual explaining exactly how to defuse it. The instructor’s job is to tell the operator how to defuse the bomb before it explodes. (prototype picture)

Intensive gameplay

The bomb has multiple modules, each of which has to be disabled in a specific way that varies with each new game. The operator has to describe what a module looks like and what state it’s in for the instructor to be able to find it in the manual and explain what to do. All the while, the bomb’s timer counts down and increases the tension with every beep! (prototype picture)

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What makes it unique?

Huge replay value!

Game always starts at random mode, so if you had to cut the red wire in your previous game to save the day, cut it again this time and you’re tosted.

Do It You Self! Learn!

Kit Editions only:

  • DIY: anyone with basic soldering skills and a few basic tools can assemble Mind Blowing Box.
  • Learn about Arduino®, STEM, integrated circuits, LEDs, resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, segment displays, LCDs, and much more.

Challenging and more fun!

You can add more modules to make game more interesting, or harder to solve.

Change difficulty,  add penalties, speedup timer… to make it impossible