Main/Core Unit

Main/Core Unit assembled of Configuration module with display used for configuring time, difficulty..., timer that displays time and counts error, conditions for batteries, anthenas, ports that provide randomness of modules... in other words, other parts of game doesn't work without this one.


Box used for assembly of game,it has all wires, screws, stand offs, cuts and holes for assembly of game. Game can be bought without one and work without it.

Morse Code

Decode a word transmitted through LEDs in Morse code, then use the manual to find the corresponding frequency, and transmit.


Your memory will be challenged as you'll need to memorize the positions of the buttons you press, and the number displayed above each button. The higher the difficulty, the more you'll have to memorize.

Wrong Sequence

Repeat a random sequence of blinking lights (like in that old game, Simon), however you must observe the first rule: do not press the button that blinks. The higher the difficulty, the longer the sequence.

Module - Wire Cut

Just cut the right wire! Except, the color of the wire doesn't matter. And there might be more than one.

Module - 4 Signs

Describe the symbol you see. Is it a hieroglyph, a encrypted letter, or just scrambled? It's your decision...

Module - Safe Cracking

Ever wanted to break into a safe? Without a drill, stethoscope, or x-ray, this can be very challenging.

Invisible Maze

Lost in a maze...without any light, and without a map. There is only a dot and binary code. Try to find your way out.


Enter a 12 digit code that's different every time. There is no room for error.

Square Problem

Count, sort and be quick to press the correct button. It will change in a timely manner.

Deadman Switch

One switch, multiple conditions. Should you just press it, or hold it, or release it at a specific time? One mistake and everything goes to... 🙂


Multiple letters, multiple words, but only one is correct. Try to find it.

Interrupter - 30 Sec

Just when you think you're doing well, this previously inactive module will activate, and you'll only have 30 seconds to disarm it.

Interrupter - Discharging of capacitor

Third of available interrupters that will take your focus from other modules. It will constantly discharge and you'll need to take care of capacitors and recharge them.

Interrupter - Questions

Initially inactive, this module will ask you a question at a random time. Sometimes you'll need to tell the truth and sometimes you'll need to lie. Or maybe just ignore it entirely?